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Over four million jobs were lost over the last eighteen months due to the economic recession. Several million employment opportunities are being created through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. There are two million college students that are looking for good paying jobs after graduation. Will your job application stand out from the crowd of other applicants?

The Career Value Book© is a self-marketing philosophy and tool designed to enhance chances of employment consideration. Philosophies taught in this book help to shift job seekers' paradigm from conveying self-centered motives to communicating how their skills and experiences add value to their target organization. Readers will also learn how to develop their own visual portfolio that showcases valuable aspects of their background more effectively than traditional resumes.


The Career Value Book© will help:

  • Showcase the job seeker's value beyond facts and figure typically listed on resumes
  • Identify personal and professional experiences that add value to target organizations
  • Provide insight in regard to what hiring managers and recruiters look for in their selection process

What makes this book different?

The Career Value Book provides unique instructions of how to develop visual portfolios to help job seekers stand out and get offers