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William Uter was born in Rochester, New York in 1979. He now resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and three kids that keep him active. Uter started a company called Career Value Generation in 2008. His company has a mission of helping job seekers become more effective in promoting their skills to increase their chances of getting hired. Career Value Generation evolved from requests to assist in job searches for his family, friends and college classmates. He has conducted training workshops to teach the self-marketing concept and equip participants with tools to improve interview performance.

An economic crisis occurred after he graduated with a Bachelors degree in Electromechanical Engineering Technology in 2001. Uter and his college classmates constantly found themselves trying to survive layoffs and trying to get better jobs. He worked as engineer for less than a year and was severed due to economic downturn along with his classmates that also relocated from New York to start their careers. There were key lessons learned from job searching in a tough economy. Uter learned that “when looking for job opportunities, people tend to consider candidates for the roles they already had. To be considered for substantial promotions it takes diverse experiences gained through the work or additional education. Recruiters and hiring managers will then see the candidate for their potential to perform other jobs because of the time invested into preparing to make desired career move.”

Uter is a successful entrepreneur. In late 2001, he founded a music record label called Cavalry Entertainment that managed five performing acts. The company produced, distributed and sold thousands of albums throughout New York State. In 2002, the company’s debut artist made an appearance on Showtime at the Apollo. This entrepreneurial experience taught Uter how to turn a hobby into a profitable business. After five years of music entertainment, Uter has launched other ventures such as multiple real estate investments and other start-up companies to leverage his professional and educational backgrounds.

The Career Value Book is a self-marketing tool that helps to illustrate how a candidate’s personal characteristics, education and experience bring value to a target organization. The philosophy taught in his writings and workshops is the key to successful interviews is to convince the recruiter of the unique value that you bring to the organization. Better job offers will come once the recruiting personnel is convinced of the candidate’s unique value. Feedback from his workshop participants show the use of the Career Value Book has improved interview performance and has resulted in more employment opportunities. William Uter’s concepts also apply when applying for institutional programs as mentioned by a student recently that states “I was extremely impressed with the results of using the Career Value Book. It was used as a visual aid during my admissions interview and it helped me gain acceptance into a top ranked institution.” ”