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How does a job seeker stand out from a crowd of millions in today’s competitive market? Charismatic author and economy survivor William Uter has published an appropriate solution: The Career Value Book.William Uter has been in the running with thousands of other applicants competing for the same, limited number of jobs since graduating with a Bachelors degree in 2001. To increase his odds and better position himself in the job market, he developed a philosophy and tool that helped him attain job offers in banking, manufacturing, healthcare, nuclear energy and military defense roles. He explains his effective approach in the The Career Value Book, in which he shares his insight and experiences to assist other job seekers to:

• Develop visual portfolios to market skill sets.

The Career Value Book instructs readers on how to develop a visual portfolio similar to a product brochure that a salesperson shares with a client. This portfolio functions as a unique visual aid during interviews and leaves a solid and lasting first impression with interviewers.

• Showcase talent beyond facts and figures.

In addition to work history information shown in resumes, interviewers also like to know an applicant’s interpersonal skills, such as their take on teamwork, how they approach conflict in the workplace, their project management and negotiation skills, etc. The Career Value Book teaches how to showcase interpersonal skills to prepare candidates to be successful in their target jobs.

• Provide insight of the hiring process.

There are numerous opportunities for one to stand out in the talent acquisition process. Unwritten rules were attained and documented through years of applying The Career Value Book before and during interviews in various industries. This book explains how to identify and maximize opportunities to pique recruiters' interests through showcasing one’s value with effective diplomacy.

Uter comments on the need to go above and beyond, stating, “The job market is very competitive due to the high demand and low supply of employment opportunities. Applicants must try something new to avoid being overlooked. The Career Value Book helps job seekers better showcase their talent, allowing it to surface to the forefront of the hiring manager's selection consideration.”