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The concept of the Career Value Book has been taught in workshops with many students, graduates and working professionals to prepare them to market themselves effectively during interviews. Most of the participants of these training sessions created their own Career Value Books and asked questions that can help provide clarity for others. Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions that
can be used for reference.


Question 1: What if I do not have enough work experience to complete a Career Value Book?

Answer: Everyone has a unique story from either their personal or professional background. Leverage your personal experiences such as voluntary work and other efforts in the community if there is not much work history information to provide. Skills that are gained in voluntary work can sometimes compliment or add value to a target organization. For example, let’s take a candidate who volunteered as a treasurer in high school. This candidate learned how to manage and oversee funds, facilitate meetings, worked with others to develop financial plans and report current balances to the committee president. The fact these skills were attained and can add value is more important than what type of organization from which they were acquired.

Question 2: What software should be used to create the Career Value Book?

Answer: Most people use Microsoft programs such PowerPoint to create their Career Value Books because this file format is easy to develop and share soft copies if needed. Documents are printed on glossy stock paper that is tape bounded for a professional look and feel. When presenting and distributing the book for in-person interviews, it is recommended to use a portrait layout because people are more accustomed to reading documents in vertical orientation. Horizontal layouts are easier to view when sharing the Career Value Book file electronically.

Question 3: Many recruiters are not expecting Career Value Books, when and how do I submit it?

Answer: As a rule of thumb, it is good to prepare enough books to distribute to each interviewer. Printing the book is more cost effective if you can print it onto glossy card stock paper from home. Be courteous by asking the interviewer (s) if he would like a copy before offering to share the book. The more books distributed the higher the payoff because each recipient will be able to refer to it and share it with others.

Question 4: When should I include or not include my picture on the cover page?

Answer: Only include a picture on the cover if you are planning to have an in-person interview. This approach avoids any false accusations of selective hiring. Pictures are to be included for in-person interviews to ensure the interviewer can remember your face and name when referring to your application..

Question 5: What if I am not artistic or good with computers?

Answer: Feel free to use the format presented in the examples of this Career Value Book as a starting point. I advise consulting with someone who is savvy in Microsoft PowerPoint. Make edits to the file as more experiences are gained once the pile has been developed.

Question 6: Should I plan to review the entire Career Value Book during an interview?

Answer: The Career Value Book is designed to support interview conversations as a visual aid. It is more effective to only use sections of the book that address the topics that are initiated by the interviewer. It is fine if some sections of the book are not reviewed during interview. Politely ask the interview to take it at the close of the interview so they could spend more time reviewing specific sections at a later time.